Saturday, 14 May 2011

More about the Telegraph balance/bias bollocks

Meanwhile, the Guardian has interviewed Steve Field, who is in charge of the coalition's NHS "Listening exercise." He's described the idea of a 'free market' in patient care as unworkable:
"If you had a free market, that would destroy essential services in very big hospitals but also might destroy the services that need to be provided in small hospitals," says Field.

"The risk in going forward [with the bill] as it is, is [of] destabilising the NHS at a local level. It would lead to some hospitals not being able to continue as they are. If you were to say 'we're going to go out to competition for vascular surgery services', University Hospital Birmingham wouldn't be able to run their own trauma centre, for example, because you wouldn't have the staff and the skills on site to do things and the volume of procedures needed to ensure clinical standards remain high." (1)
Now, given that the Telegraph got all OUTRAGED about the Guardian's and the BBC's 'failure' to report, within 24 hours, on a letter submitted to the Telegraph, it will be interesting to see how the Telegraph addresses the comments of Mr Field.

Will we get "a complete and rather shameful silence," or will the Telegraph feel compelled to make some mealy-mouthed acknowledgement of his comments in the rival paper? I can hardly wait to find out!
1 - "Andrew Lansley's NHS reforms are unworkable, says review chief," by Denis Campbell. Published in the Guardian, 13th of May, 2011. (

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