Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bad result for the BNP

So, in the interminable court battle between the British National Party (a bunch neo-Nazis and some naive hangers-on) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (a bunch of PC fools who give the aforesaid knuckle-draggers the publicity they crave) has progressed, with thwe EHRC being ordered to pay the BNP's court costs (1).

This might seem like an important victory for the BNP, given it's apparently parlous financial postion. But, if anything, it's a resutl they wouldn't have wanted to go in their favour. They hate it when the system is shown to be even-handed. They rely on being able to pretend to be victims of 'conspiracy,' 'the urban liberal elite,' who are forever foisting their secret 'multicultural agenda' on the long sufferring-but-slowly-awakening people of Great Britain. A court victory like this disperses the miasma of victimhood the BNP belches out. They'd much preferred to get to wail about how the system is always out to get them and pretend they're being martyred.

So while the money will mean they can actually pay their bills for a bit longer, it's a Pyrrhic victory (only, Pyrrhus was shifty foreigner, not a stalwart Anglo-Saxon) that they won't welcome. The more the system is shown to be impartial, the less reason for the BNP to maintain its anti-establishment hollering. And without that justification, one of the fundamental reasons for it to exist disappears.
1 - "EHRC Must Pay British National Party’s Court Costs in Full," posted on the BNP website, 22nd of March, 2011. (

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