Saturday, 12 April 2008

Evil old bastard refuses to quit

Two weeks after the elections in Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is refusing to admit he has been ousted by the people he has lied to, mislead and impoverished for years.

Rather than try to exit with a pretence of grace and legitimacy, the evil little toad seems set to tough it out and impose his will on the country, yet again (1). Political gatherings have been banned, while Zanu-PF thugs have been staging political gatherings (!) in rural areas to intimidate people into supporting Mugabe in a possible presidential run-off. Occupation of white owned farms have resumed since the election, as Mugabe desperately tries to shift the blame for the country's ruin onto other shoulders (2).

It's a hideous situation for the people of Zimbabwe. It looks like the only way to remove Mugabe and his cronies will be through a popular rising, but given the power and ruthlessness of the Zanu-PF regime, the likely bloodshed resulting from this would be terrible.

Mugabe is an evil old man. An ideal world would see him tried for the manyevil things done by his regime. That will probably not happen, however, because of the miserable, fucked-up world we live in, where monsters rarely meet justice. I'd sooner see him jet off into luxurious exile than see the blood of Zimbabweans spilled in ousting him - haven't they sufferred enough? But the evil old man may not give them any choice. Mugabe has been a vile, debased little cretin all his life, and has worked against the interests of Zimababwe with almost every word and action. It would only be in character for him to make the extinction of his ugly regime as painful and bloody as he can.
1 - 'Intimidation mounts in Zimbabwe as police ban rallies,' by an
anonymous special correspondent in Bulawayo, published in The Independent, 12th
of April, 2008. (
2 - ibid.

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