Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Trotter vs. Minto

Pompous Chris has replied to Righteous John's original open letter.

Trotter makes some good points (as did Minto) but the whole thing is collapsing into silliness. Perhaps both should resolve to Shut Up for a while, and let the blood cool. As it is, the whole thing just sounds like two vain, middle-aged men defending their pride rather than any sort of meaningful debate.

Trevor Mallard slugs Tau Henare; Len Richards swipes a protestor who tried to grab his megaphone; now Trotter and Minto butt heads. Ah! 'Tis spring and the sap is rising!

I almost wish I was a rightwinger, because watching the collective madness that seems to have seized the left, and particularly these two hand-bagging each other and squealing is funny enough from here; from a rightie's point-of-view, it must side-splitting. But if I was a rightwinger, I'd have to have a crush on Ayn Rand or Margaret Thatcher, and that's just depressing.
1 - 'An open letter to John Minto,' by Chris Trotter, in the Sunday Star Times, 11th of November, 2007. (
2 - 'Letter from John Minto to Chris Trotter,' press release from John Minto, 30th of October, 2007. (

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